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February 10 2015

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Icicles No. 29 Blue Wave G-Spot Sex Toy– How to Use a Glass Dildo?

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Hello there, my name is Pearl and I am going to review the Icicles No. 29 Blue Wave G-Spot Dildo

The Adam and Eve’s Icicles No. 29 Blue Wave G-Spot Dildo has a solid body design. Use an additional stimulator or use your fingers to get you started using this Glass Dildo. This Dildo does imitate the temperature of the room, so you may heat it up or cool it down.

You’ll love the way the glass dildos raised swirls massage and caress you as it slides in.This glass dildo is one tough little sex toy. Clean your Icicles No. 29 Blue Wave G-Spot Dildo with soap and water or sex toy cleaner.

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