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Original Venus Butterfly Sex Toy – How to Use the Venus Butterfly Vibrator

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Hi there, Pearl here and today I am going to review The Original Venus Butterfly.

The Butterfly lands perfectly on your erogenous zone with the help of the adjustable straps made from soft, durable fabric –– you can even wear it under your clothes. Set the thumbwheel controller with just one hand and get ready to fly with this wild women’s sex toy!

The straps are used to secure the butterfly’s position. It has two straps at the bottom its wing to put on your thighs and the long strap goes around your back around your waist.

At the back of its box shows you the steps on how to use it. Very easy it’s just a piece of cake!

Now head on to http://bit.ly/AdamAndEveSexToys and get The Original Venus Butterfly Sex Toy right now! Don’t forget to use Coupon Code SCORE50 at the checkout!

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